Alluminium bakery proofer for racks

The alluminium proofing chambers model Base, with supporting frame in silver anodized aluminum and with panels made of highly insulating styrofoam of 40mm thickness covered with white prepainted aluminum; they can be supplied to one or more doors and are available in the version for rotative racks or racks for loaders and can be supplied with or without stainless steel floor.

The doors do not have a handle, since they are obtained directly from the profile and are equipped with automatic piston closing; the hinges are made of aluminum, reinforced and easily reversible (see photo)

On request, the machines can be supplied with panels covered in stainless steel or, for those who wish, in silver pre-painted aluminum (NEW).

As a preventive, it is possible to make any type of customized chamber. It is also possible to customize the control panel with colors and logos on customer request and with stainless steel doors and hoods giving the possibility to adapt and match them with each oven brand.

In the Base model cell, the steam unit is supplied as a Standard model or a de Luxe model.

Standard supply 400V three-phase neutral 50 HZ, on request we can supply special voltages.

The machines produced by ATREPAN are certified according to the CE and Gost regulations for export to the Russian market. They are supplied with a use and maintenance manual and are covered by a 24-month warranty (excluding components normally subject to wear and tear).

  • Automatic temperature and humidity control
  • Automatic water loading
  • They can be custom built according to customer order and design
  • They are very simple to install and maintain
  • They are completely customizable
  • ATREPAN proofers are synonymous with quality and reliability made in ITALY and are currently among the most requested in the bakery market, our company boasts in fact a thirty-year experience in the construction of proofong chambers.