Retarder proofing chambers for racks

After years of study and planning, Atrepan started with the production of retarder-proofing and controlled leavening chambers.
The purpose of this project was first of all to reduce the hours of night work to the final operator but at the same time guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.

Retarder proofing chamber are made of 70mm-thick modular panels covered with white plastic-coated zinc sheet.
For the installation, the panels are joined together by a simple "Cam Lock" eccentric hook system

The floor is made of panels insulated with 30 mm thick polyurethane and coated with special non-slip phenolic material.
Thanks to the  Boiler with Resistance, designed and built specifically for this type of cell, the steam will be delivered quickly and very precisely.

For every room size, the refrigeration system is sized to guarantee high humidity and even refrigeration even in the case of low ventilation speed.

The control panel is made of a 3.5 "TFT panel, easy to program and with the possibility of setting custom programs.
The programming menu is available in 5 languages: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.
In addition to the TFT control panel, as standard, a synoptic panel is installed on each cell to display the status of the machining cycle at any time.

As an option, it is possible to make cells with internal and external stainless steel cladding.

There are 4 main phases of operation of the retarder cell:

ABATEMENT: The bread, after being introduced inside the cell, is brought to a temperature of -5°, in order to block the fermentation process.

The temperature, chosen by the operator, can be brought up to -10°

CONSERVATION: After reaching the abatement temperature, the cell is brought to a temperature that will guarantee its conservation for a maximum of 72 hours.

This temperature can be set between 2° and -8°.

AWAKENING: It is the phase where the temperature will be brought between 8° and 13°, where the product will be slowly thawed. The duration of this cycle can be set according to the type of product.

LEAVENING: It is the last and most important of the phases, where the product will be brought to leaven and ready to be fired.

Also in this case the duration, temperature and humidity settings will be defined by the operator, based on the characteristics of the product.

The exact duration of this phase will define the taste of the finished product.

Synoptic panel for retarder proofing chambers

The synoptic panel of the retarder proofing chambers is equipped with 4 numbered displays:

  • 1 Temperature detection inside the cell during the phases of: Refrigeration, Proofing and Storage Blocking
  • Detection of humidity present inside the cell
  • Temperature detection inside the cell during the phases of: Heating, Air conditioning,
  • Awakening, slowing down.

With board in Standby or with manual cycle setting, display n.4 will show date and time in real time, if the work program will be set automatically, the display will show the date and time of the end of the cycle.

The Retarder line is also available in cabinets and tables